Interline Partners

Calm Air is proud to partner with Air Canada, now offering interline travel between our networks. Interline agreements allow our customers to book a single reservation when traveling on more than one air carrier to reach their final destination.

How to book an Interline flight:

  • Interline bookings between Calm Air and Air Canada can be made by contacting your preferred Travel Agency (both local or online).
  • Interline reservations cannot be booked through the Calm Air Reservations call centre or our website at this time.

Travel Information:

  • Please ensure you check in with the carrier that is operating the first segment of your travel itinerary.
  • The ‘Selected Carrier’s’ checked baggage rules apply to the entire interline itinerary. This means that the carrier whose designator code is identified on the first flight segment of the passenger’s ticket – will apply their checked baggage rules to the entire itinerary.
  • Each operating carrier’s carry-on baggage allowance will apply to each flight segment in an interline itinerary. However, carry-on baggage charges will be collected by the Selected Carrier on the first segment of travel only.
  • For detailed information on Interline Baggage Acceptance, please see Calm Air’s Scheduled Domestic Tariff.
  • For information on Air Canada baggage policies, please click HERE.