Musical Instruments

Calm Air will allow musical instruments to be transported as carry-on, valet, or checked baggage permitting items meet the following requirements.


Musical instruments may be carried onboard providing they meet Calm Air’s carry-on size and weight requirements.

Checked Baggage/Valet

Musical instruments may be valet’d (on select routes) and/or accepted as checked baggage, as long as they are properly packed and meet Calm Air’s applicable size and weight requirements.

Packing Requirements:

  • Instruments must be properly packed in a rigid and/or hard sided case specifically designed for shipping.
  • When a stringed instrument is transported by air, it may be exposed to dramatic changes in temperature and pressure, which can cause its headstocks to crack or snap off. To prevent possible damage, it’s the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that the strings are loosened so that the tension is reduced.

Limited Release

Calm Air will accept instruments as valet and/or checked baggage if they are not packaged properly (i.e. a soft sided case) provided the passenger agrees to sign an LRT (Limited Release Tag) which releases Calm Air of any liability. If a musical instrument is transported as a Limited Release item, claims will not be processed or paid for any expenses associated with damage and/or loss of limited release items. The instrument must always meet Calm Air’s size and weight requirements.


Should musical instruments require repair and/or replacement during travel, where the damage or loss is the result of mishandling by Calm Air, and the instrument(s) was packaged properly, the maximum liability is approximately $2,400.00 CAD (or 1,288 SDR’s – special drawing rights). Any such claim must include proof of original receipt or a professional appraisal. If the passenger declares the monetary value is greater than Calm Air’s maximum liability, the instrument is required to be shipped through Cargo where a declared value can be established.