Cargo Security

Air Cargo Security (ACS) Program

Effective December 31, 2012, Transport Canada changed how airlines process cargo shipped on flights from airports where passengers are security screened by Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA).

What has changed?

Under the new ACS, all cargo tendered to Calm Air and originating at, destined for, or transiting through CATSA airports is required to be Secure Cargo, as defined the by the ACS (see below). Air carriers can no longer transport cargo using the previous Security Measures, also known as “known shipper” and “unknown shipper”.

What is a CATSA airport? And what airports does this affect?

A CATSA airport is one in which passengers are security screened before boarding. For cargo shipped with Calm Air, this affects Winnipeg and Thompson airports.

What is considered secure cargo?

Per the new ACS, all cargo transported on passenger flights departing a CATSA-designated airport must come from a Registered Shipper, or be security-screened in accordance with the ACS, to be deemed secure cargo.

How do I become a registered shipper?

For Businesses

You will need a Business Number (issued by Canada Revenue Agency), a Canadian business address, and a referral that can confirm an existing business relationship with respect to shipping air cargo (i.e. freight forwarder or air carrier). If you have an existing relationship with Calm Air Cargo, please email for a referral from us.

Please visit Transport Canada’s ACS website to submit an online application, or contact the Transport Canada Air Cargo Security Support Centre for more information:

Not a business? Or prefer not to register?

Any shipments that are not tendered by a Registered Shipper or Approved Participant (typically freight forwarders) will require screening/physical search prior to acceptance for flight, thereby incurring additional security costs to you, as well as potentially delaying your shipments for screening processing.

More information

For more information on the ACS and its changes, visit the Transport Canada Air Cargo Security Program page or call 1-866-375-7342 or email