Denied Boarding

Overselling of Flights

Calm Air does not purposefully oversell our flights, however, in the unlikely event where denied boarding is required and within Calm Air’s control, passenger(s) may be entitled to compensation. Calm Air will look for volunteers from all confirmed passengers before denied boarding will occur.

Please Note - Compensation will NOT be issued if the passenger is being refused travel:

  • For health, safety, or security reasons;
  • For failing to follow carrier rules;
  • Because a passenger does not have appropriate travel documents; or
  • The passenger has failed to respect check-in and departure gate cut-off time limits.

In cases of denied boarding within Calm Air’s control, except for reasons required for safety, a passenger may be entitled to compensation as follows:

Length of Delay
*From original ARRIVAL time at destination
Compensation Issued
Less than 6 hours $900 CAD *($1,800 travel credit voucher)
Over 6 hours but less than 9 hours $1,800 CAD *($3,600 travel credit voucher)
9 hours or more $2,400 CAD *($4,800 travel credit voucher)

*NOTE: Travel credits/vouchers may be offered in lieu of “cash” compensation in cases of denied boarding. The passenger must agree to receive the credit/voucher in lieu of cash (they must be offered both forms), and the amount of the credit/voucher will be 200% of the amount of cash compensation ($1 cash CAD being equivalent to $2 in travel credit vouchers).

Need Additional Help, Information and/or Solutions?

Passengers may contact Calm Air directly by calling Reservations at 1-800-839-2256, or by emailing For more information pertaining to the above content, please refer to the Scheduled Domestic Tariff.

Passengers who have attempted to resolve a complaint with Calm Air directly and are unsatisfied with the outcome may file a complaint directly with the Canadian Transportation Agency.