Breathe Calm Air

How do you Breathe Calm Air? We partnered with Jordin Tootoo to share his personal story and what inspires him to Breathe Calm Air. 


Breathe Calm Air Video Transcript

I'm Jordan Tootoo, I grew up in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut.

Born and raised there, left home when I was fourteen to pursue my dreams. You know my father was a hockey player, I grew up idolizing him and watching him play hockey. Ultimately my dream was to play in the NHL.

Living in the north I think a lot of my personal challenges were, you know, dealing with substance abuse, it's very common in a lot of our communities.

My brother and I Terence were three years apart. Terence was the one that held the family together and there was a lot of pressure on him to show us the way.

It just got to a point where he couldn't handle it anymore. It was just another night out for us having a few drinks.

Unfortunately Terence decided to get in the vehicle, and drive it. He got pulled over, got A DUI and you know, like I said before, Terence felt like there was a lot of onus on him to show the way for our people and there was just too much pressure for him to admit that he messed up by getting a DUI and ultimately he decided to take his own life.

I've played in the NHL for fifteen years and along the way I've overcome a lot of things that no one's ever seen or heard about. But in order to overcome those, you gotta be able to communicate.

I chose to go down a different path and it just didn't happen overnight. I'm seven years into my sobriety I'm grateful for everything that I've been through. It's made me who I am today. it's a daily grind but that's life.

It's hard but what are you going to do today that's going to make you a better person tomorrow?

When you need someone to talk to, there is help on the Line:

Kamatsiaqtut Help Line 24/7
867-979-3333 (Iqaluit)

There is hope and there is help.

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