Live Animals

Unaccompanied Pets – Shipping with Cargo

Calm Air’s fleet of aircraft offer safe carriage of live animals as air freight based on advance arrangements.

If you will not be travelling with your pet or if the combined weight of your pet and its kennel exceeds 70 lbs, you will need to make arrangements to ship your animal with our Cargo department. Our priority cargo rates are based on weight and volume and apply to the shipment of live animals.

  • Pets must be brought to the Cargo office two (2) hours prior to their scheduled departure.
  • All live animal shipments will be charged dimensional weight.
  • Empty kennels or cages need to be either shipped back or picked up by the receiver.
  • Any charges including shipping kennels/cages to the origin station will need to be paid upfront before we will ship.
  • The number of live animals allowed on a flight is limited so please reserve space for your animal with our Cargo department as early as possible, at least 24 hours prior to the flight. Pets must be placed in hard-sided airline-approved carriers with wheels removed.
  • Puppies/kittens under six months old from the same litter can travel in groups of up to three animals in the same kennel.
  • A maximum of two dogs/cats may travel in the same kennel provided they are used to cohabitation with each other and do not weigh more than 31 lbs each. Any animal 31 lbs or more must have its own kennel.
  • Other conditions for the acceptance of pet carriers do apply (see below).

Tips for Pet Preparation

Since Calm Air assumes no responsibility for the care or feeding of pets while in transit, it is recommended that you prepare the carrier and your pet ahead of time. Here are some suggestions:

  • Feed your pet four to six hours prior to departure, as a full stomach may cause discomfort during flight.
  • Pregnant animals, animals in heat (estrus) and animals less than eight weeks old should not travel, as the animal’s health may be affected. Please consult your veterinarian.
  • Give your pet water right up to the time of travel. Please provide a watering dish inside the carrier so that agents may provide water in the event of extended waits. Please empty the water dish before flight to avoid spillage.
  • Exercise your pet immediately before leaving for the airport.
  • Tranquillizers and other medications are not generally recommended. Please consult your veterinarian.
  • Cover the bottom of the kennel with an absorbent material such as a blanket.
  • Secure, but do not lock, the carrier as an agent may need to access your pet in case of an emergency.
  • A favorite toy or familiar article inside the container may help to calm your pet.
  • Please mark the pet’s name and contact information on the outside of the container so that our agents can better reassure the animal when talking to him/her.

Pet Carriers

Please note that:

  • Soft-sided carriers are permitted for pets traveling in the cabin only.
  • Hard-sided carriers are recommended and must have proper holes for ventilation.
  • All carriers must be secure, in good condition and leak-proof.
  • No part of the animal is allowed to protrude from the kennel.
  • Wire kennels are not permitted.
  • The carrier must be large enough to allow the animal(s) to stand, turn around and lie down comfortably. If the carrier does not allow the animal to do this, we will refuse transport.
  • Wheels on kennels must be removed before transport.
  • To help you obtain an adequate carrier for your pet(s), please contact Calm Air Cargo and they will assist with these arrangements.

For further information, please contact our Cargo Department.

Rate Class Small
(Min. Charges)
(Min. Charges)
(Min. Charges)
Extra Large
(Min. Charges)
Free shipment, kennel to be returned $65.160 $71.676 $74.930 $78.192
Both dog and kennel picked up at destination $65.160 $71.676 $74.930 $78.192
Dog picked up, kennel to be returned $91.039 $100.143 $104.682 $109.171

All rates are per kg rates. If minimum charges are exceeded, Calm Air priority charge for 0-100 kg weight slab will apply.

Additional Surcharge will be charged on per kg rate:

8.5% NAV Canada Fees
$0.08 per kg Carbon Surcharge (Manitoba lanes only)
5% GST on Subtotal