Checked Baggage

Baggage Allowance

Fare paying passengers with a valid reservation, will be permitted checked baggage based on their Fare Brand purchased as outlined below:

Fare Brand  1st Bag 2nd Bag 3rd Bag
FLY fare logo $25 $50 $75
FLYflex fare logo Included $50 $75
FLYplus fare logo Included Included $75
SOAR fare logo Included Included Included
*The above amounts are displayed in CAD and subject to GST.

The following limitations apply:

  • A maximum of three (3) pieces will be accepted per passenger as part of their applicable “Checked Baggage Allowance”. For the acceptance of additional pieces, please refer to “Excess Baggage”.
  • Maximum combined weight of all pieces must not exceed 120lbs.
  • Individual pieces must weigh no more than 50lbs.
  • Maximum outside linear dimensions must not exceed 62 in or 158 cm (L+W+H).

For carriage of additional baggage other than noted above, in addition to overweight, or oversized pieces, please refer to “Excess Baggage”.

Excess Baggage

Baggage in excess of the “Checked Baggage Allowance” will be accepted for travel subject to payment of the applicable charge which must be paid prior to departure at the point of check-in.

Note: This provision does not apply to aids for persons with disabilities.

Excess baggage charges are as follows:

Excess Bag #1 $100.00 + GST
Excess Bag #2 $100.00 + GST
Overweight Bag (51-70 lbs) $100.00 + GST
Oversized Bag (62-115 in) $100.00 + GST
*The above amounts are displayed in CAD.

The following limitations apply:

  • A maximum of 2 excess pieces per passenger, will be accepted in addition to the checked baggage allowance per fare purchased. Any additional baggage must be shipped as cargo.
  • Any individual piece exceeding 70 lbs (32 kg) or 115 inches (292 cm) in total linear dimensions or 80 inches (203 cm) in length will not be accepted as checked baggage and must be shipped as cargo.

Interline Transfer of Baggage

Calm Air is not currently able to interline tag your baggage to another partner airline. If you are transferring to/from another carrier, please allow sufficient time to collect your baggage and check it in with the next carrier.

Packing Requirements

  • Identification name tags are required to be attached to all baggage per Transport Canada regulations
  • Perishable items must be labelled as perishable and suitably packed to prevent spoiling during their travel, as baggage is not kept in a heated and/or cooled space at all times during transport. Limited Release tags will be filled out, releasing Calm Air of all liability for the transport of perishable items.
  • Medications, keys, high value and fragile items must be carried on and never placed in your checked baggage.
  • If you are transporting a wrapped gift, please pack it in your checked baggage.