Flight Disruptions

Flight Delays and Cancellations


Calm Air will keep passengers regularly informed if there is a flight disruption and will provide passengers with flight status updates every 30 minutes until a new departure time has been set. The information will be given as soon as possible and will include the nature of the disruption. Information will be provided through the following means:

  • An audible announcement;
  • Website Flight Status display;
  • Flight information display screens in airports where applicable; and
  • Preferred method of communication within the existing options provided by Calm Air for passengers with disabilities.

Flight Disruption Categories

The three (3) flight disruption categories and some examples of each are as follows:

1. Controllable

Commercial/Operational Decisions:

  • Overbooking flights;
  • Consolidating or cancelling flights with low passenger demand;
  • Similar actions aimed at maximizing revenue;
  • Staff/flight crew scheduling and availability;
  • Flight preparation activities (aircraft grooming, baggage loading, aircraft fuelling);
  • Routine or scheduled maintenance (including subsequent repairs or required activities).

2. Controllable but required for safety reasons

Situations required by law to reduce risk to passengers’ safety:

  • Unexpected aircraft malfunctions not identified during routine maintenance that may compromise safety;
  • Safety decisions made by the pilot and those made under the Calm Air Safety Management System;
  • A delay, cancellation or denial of boarding that is directly attributable to an earlier delay or cancellation that is within that carrier’s control but is required for safety purposes, is considered to also be within that carrier’s control but required for safety purposes if that carrier took all reasonable measures to mitigate the impact of the earlier flight delay or cancellation.

3. Uncontrollable

Situations outside of Calm Air’s control:

  • Weather conditions or natural disasters;
  • Airport operation issues;
  • Instructions from air traffic control;
  • Medical emergencies;
  • Collision with wildlife;
  • A NOTAM (notice to airmen);
  • A security threat;
  • Illegal acts or sabotage;
  • Labor disruptions/strikes;
  • War or political instability;
  • A manufacturing defect in an aircraft that reduces the safety of passengers.

Standards of Treatment 

Standards of treatment apply if a passenger’s flight is delayed 2 or more hours, and the passenger was informed of the delay less than 12 hours before the original departure of their flight. The following may apply:

Length of Delay Standard of Treatment Provided Controllable Controllable but for Safety Uncontrollable
2 + hrs
  • Food and drink (meal voucher per applicable time of day)
  • Access to means of communication (phone or WIFI)
8 + hrs
  • Food and drink (meal voucher per applicable time of day)
  • Access to means of communication (phone or WIFI)
  • Overnight Accommodation
  • Transportation to/from accommodation and airport

Alternate Travel Arrangements & Refunds

  • Passengers will be rebooked upon their request to the next available flight to their final destination on their itinerary at no additional charge if their flight is cancelled or delayed by 3 hours.
  • If the passenger chooses to no longer travel as the disruption results in the loss of purpose of travel, Calm Air will transport the passenger back to their point of origin on their itinerary at no additional charge.
  • If passengers are not transported to their destination, they may request a refund.
  • If alternate travel arrangements offered to a passenger (rebooking to next available flight) – do not accommodate their travel needs, they may request a refund.
  • Refunds may be requested/obtained by contacting Calm Air Reservations at 1-800-839-2256.
  • If a passenger has chosen to receive a ticket refund instead of being rebooked on another flight due to a Controllable disruption, they are entitled to compensation for inconvenience in the amount of $125 cash (Canadian dollars) or $200 credit voucher. 
  • Passengers must apply for compensation by completing a Compensation Request Form (see below).


Compensation is calculated on the length of delay from original arrival time at destination, and will apply as follows:

Length of Delay Compensation Issued Controllable Controllable but for Safety Uncontrollable
3 hrs - 5 hrs 59 min $125 Cash or $200 Credit Voucher YES NO NO
6 hrs - 8 hrs 59 min $250 Cash or $375 Credit Voucher YES NO NO
9+ hours $500 Cash or $750 Credit Voucher YES NO NO

*Cash values will be issued in Canadian dollars.
*Employee travel and gratuitous travel are exempt from compensation.

Passengers who are eligible for compensation as outlined above, must apply for compensation by completing our Compensation Request Form below. You may also print a copy of the form by clicking on the PDF Compensation Request Form, and mail it into Calm Air for processing (address provided on the form).

Requests for Compensation must be made within one year from the date the flight delay or cancellation occurred. Calm Air will respond to all claims within 30 days of receipt.

Need Additional Help, Information and/or Solutions?

Passengers may contact Calm Air directly by calling Reservations at 1-800-839-2256, or by emailing reservations@calmair.com. For more information pertaining to the above content, please refer to the Scheduled Domestic Tariff.

Passengers who have attempted to resolve a complaint with Calm Air directly and are unsatisfied with the outcome may file a complaint directly with the Canadian Transportation Agency.