Whale Cove, NU

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The hamlet of Whale Cove, “long point” in Inuktitut, is situated on a long point of the Canadian mainland that projects into northwestern Hudson Bay. The way of life in Whale Cove is proudly traditional – a mixture of three distinct Inuit dialects and cultures originating from inland and coastal traditional.

The English name for this sheltered cove and its community comes from the great abundance of beluga whales that congregate here. The hamlet is also on the seasonal polar bear migration route, making it a popular place for arctic travellers to visit.

Calm Air partners with local business in Whale Cove and sponsors an invitational soccer tournament called the Benji Hapanak Calm Air Cup, providing many perks like prizes and championship gear for the winning team.

Top Attractions:

Iqalugaarjuup Nunanga Territorial Park – Created to preserve important cultural sites and conserve the habitat of the diverse wildlife that call it home, it remains a fantastic place for fishing, hiking and camping.

Whale Cove Paraski Club – A new sport to the region is paraskiing, where thrill-seekers ski off mountains with a light parachute.