Baker Lake, NU

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Baker Lake is a the only non-coastal Inuit settlement in the Arctic, located near the geographical center of Canada. It housed eleven branches of the Inuit family, and means “where the river widens” in Inuktitut. Characterized by an abundance of water systems, the Thelon, Kazan, and Dubawnt rivers all flow into Baker Lake. The community is also connected to the Hudson’s Bay by way of Chesterfield Inlet.

Visitors will find a superb selection of original carvings, prints, and tapestries in Baker Lake. It’s a fitting place for northern ecotourism adventures with nearby territorial parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Calm Air sponsors numerous events in Baker Lake, including the Calm Air Jr. Baseball Cup tournament.

Top Attractions:

Jessie Oonark Arts and Crafts Centre – Offers a workspace for local artisans to create and sell their works in the unique Baker Lake style.

Festival by the Lake – An annual event in late August filled with family-friendly events and loads of enjoyment for kids of all ages.

Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary – The largest wildlife refuge on North America with over 50,000 square kilometers of protected lands for muskoxen, geese, and grizzly bears.