Sanikiluaq, NU

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Sanikiluaq is Nunavut's southernmost community, located near the north shore of one of the Belcher Islands. It is named for a legendary Inuk figure, Sandy Kiluaq, who grew up to become a heroic hunter and provider to his community. Established in 1974, it is the only permanent settlement in the entire archipelago. Presence of the Dorset cultural settlements can be traced back over thousands of years, after which the Thule culture became more common in the area, and finally the Inuit. Outside explorers made contact in 1840 when an employee of the Hudson Bay Company led an expedition to the island.

The smaller surrounding islands provide breeding grounds for many species of migratory seabirds, while the coastal waters are the home to seals, walruses, and beluga whales. Hunting and fishing have been popular around this area for two thousand years.

Calm Air supports local businesses and has brought their Kivalliq Christmas Dinner event to Sanikiluaq to hand out Christmas dinner to locals.

Top Attractions:

Belcher Archipelago - A natural paradise, tent camping and hiking in these islands is a great activity in the summer, while igloo camping and skiing is perfect for winter. There are many fishing spots for those who will enjoy the crystal clean lakes and rivers.

Mitiq Co-operative - There are many talented artists producing soapstone carvings, as well as a unique type of doll made from fish skin. These artworks are available at the local Co-op.