Rankin Inlet, NU

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Rankin Inlet is the youngest community in the Kivalliq, having developed as a result of the North Rankin Nickel Mine, which operated from 1957-1962. Many Inuit came off the land to work in the mine, but a declining prices and depletion of the ore forced the mine’s closure. Rankin Inlet has grown to become the second largest community in Nunavut and serves as the business and transportation hub for the region.

Traditionally, Inuit seldom frequented the area because of a lack of reliable game. The mouth of the Meliadine River was the only nearby area that was regularly used. The Thule people, ancestors of modern Inuit, came to the area to fish, building stone wells to channel arctic char into shallow water for hunting.

Calm Air partners with the Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce in Rankin Inlet to advocate on behalf of the Kivalliq business community and assist in program for the broader good of the region.

Top Attractions:

Marble Island – This quartzite island is only accessible to non-Inuit with a local guide. Eco-tourists will be captivated by the myths, history and haunting beauty of the area.

Kivalliq Regional Visitor Centre – The centre gives visitors a welcoming experience to discover the art and culture of the Kivalliq region by linking them with outfitters, guides, and more.