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Calm Air Wins Best Passenger Story Award

February 11, 2018

Each year the Calm Air team attends the InteliSys Airline Growth Summit. InteliSys Aviation Systems support airlines across the world in passenger and cargo management software.  Calm Air has used this software for many years to support reservation bookings and freight shipments to meet our customer needs. The Summit is a chance for airlines from near and far to gather and discuss trends, challenges and innovations in the aviation industry.

This year Calm Air was nominated for not just one award, but three of the four award categories. Recognizing the hard work our team does all year to support tour passengers, Calm Air was proud to have been nominated for the following:

Humanitarian Excellence Award: This award honors an airline that shows great generosity by going above and beyond daily operations.  We’re grateful for the many communities who have embraced Calm Air and we are honored to continue supporting the communities we have operated in for many years to come.

The Jock English Memorial Award for Supremacy in Customer Service:  Calm Air was nominated for this award in recognition for the high level of customer service we aim to provide passengers year round.

Best Passenger Story Award. : This award is presented to an airline with positive social media reviews and the ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences.  Our team was honored to take home this award that showcased our achievements in customer service and active community involvement which we will continue to provide to our passengers and serviced communities.

One example of a unique customer experience was on a recent flight to Winnipeg this past fall. We’re lucky we have the best passengers who come on board our aircrafts, but not every flight goes as planned. On this particular flight, the passengers had to be diverted to Gimli, Manitoba due to bad thunderstorms in the Winnipeg area. Once our pilots safely landed in Gimli, they were then faced with the dilemma of waiting inside the aircraft in rural Manitoba at the airport that has no terminal. Luckily, our quick thinking pilot and crew sprang into action and ordered pizza for everyone on the flight so they could eat while waiting for the weather to clear! All of our passengers were kept updated by the crew, and nobody went hungry. Eventually the weather cleared and everyone safely made it to Winnipeg.

In addition to stories shared like this, Calm Air actively is engaged with our communities and is proud to share all the local events and passenger stories through our Facebook page. Join our Calm Air Community today to see more stories like this and see where our team will be off to next!

To learn more about Airline Growth Summit, you can visit the InteliSys website and blog.