All-Inclusive Specials

Northern Adventure Packages

The beauty of Northern Manitoba is unparalleled – at Calm Air – we’re lucky to be a piece of that puzzle. We pride ourselves on getting you from here to there – allowing you to explore unchartered territory – trails untouched, pathways uncrossed and adventure unseen. It’s time to Fly North for Adventure. ™ 

Introducing the newest in Northern Experiences - All-Inclusive Adventure Packages (that include airfare, accommodations, meals, & experiences) – Discover:  

  • The Pas, MB, where you’ll participate in an immersive learning experience guided by Indigenous leaders and allies.  
  • Flin Flon, MB, where you’ll visit a place that will make your heart go wild.  
  • Thompson, MB, where you’ll experience a close-up encounter with the Wolf Capital of the World.  
  • Churchill, MB, where you’ll be in awe of the aurora borealis; while we wait for the night, you’ll see the best of Churchill in a different light. 

Learn more about each package here:

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Calm Air would like to recognize CEDF with the support of PrairiesCan for providing financial assistance for this new and exciting marketing campaign and/or offering.