COVID-19 Updates

At Calm Air, the safety and security of our employees, contractors and customers is of paramount importance. As such the Calm Air Executive team, continue to monitor the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.   We remain informed by, and follow the guidance of, local governments, as well as international medical agencies, specifically the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Communications have been sent to all Calm Air employees outlining preventative measures and travel guidelines.

Manitoba and Nunavut Resources

In addition to the informaiton on this page, you may obtain up-to-date informaiton on public orders and Provincial/Territorial restrictions and guidance through the websites and contact numbers below:

Manitoba 1-888-315-9257
Nunavut 1-888-975-8601

For visitors traveling to Churchill please contact our Reservations Department at 1-800-839-2256 for further guidance.

Company Precautions

Calm Air will be taking the following mitigating actions:

  • A deep clean grooming will be performed after each flight in Winnipeg, Thompson and Rankin Inlet.
  • Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer and masks (for ill passengers) are provided on board each aircraft.
  • Pandemic preparedness kits have been assembled and sent to all terminal stations.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in high traffic stations.
  • All materials from aircraft seat pockets will be removed, EXCEPT safety features cards and airsickness bags.

Customer Service Agents will receive additional training on how to deal with passengers showing signs of illness. If you require any changes to your travel plans please contact our reservations team by calling 1-800-839-2256 or emailing us at

Reports of ill travellers may be called into Quarantine Officers by phone at 1-833-615-2384, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thank-you for your attention to this matter as protecting our people and customers is our number one priority.

Face Covering Requirements for Air Travelers

On April 17, 2020, the Minister of Transport announced new measures requiring all air passengers to have a removable, non-medical mask or face covering to cover their mouth and nose during travel. Non-medical masks or face coverings should fit snugly but comfortably against the side of your face, be secured with ties or ear loops and cover your mouth and nose. It should be easy to put on and take off when necessary (e.g., identity verification check). 

When travelling by air, passengers over the age of 2, are required to cover their mouth and nose:

  • at Canadian airport screening checkpoints;
  • while boarding a flight;
  • at all times during flight;
  • as directed by an airline employee;
  • and when directed to do so by a public health order or public health official.

Passengers on all flights departing or arriving at Canadian airports will be required to demonstrate they have the necessary non-medical mask or face covering during the boarding process, otherwise they may be denied entry into the sterile area of the airport or denied boarding onto the aircraft.

Wearing a non-medical mask or face covering over the mouth and nose can help reduce the inadvertent spread of COVID-19 through respiratory droplets spread by asymptomatic people. Wearing a non-medical mask or face covering has not been proven to protect the person wearing it; however, it is an important additional measure that all travelers can take to protect those around them, even if they have no symptoms. Passengers can meet these requirements by following the Public Health Agency of Canada has published on how to wear, and if necessary make at home, a non-medical mask or face covering.

Children under two years of age and those with underlying medical conditions may not be able to wear a non-medical mask or face covering, and there are times when travelers will need to show their face for safety or security reasons such as during identity verification check before boarding a plane, or at Canada customs when entering the country.

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Pre-Screening Measures

Updates To Pre-Screening Requirements and Questionnaire As Per Transport Canada Interim Order  

*Amended July 1, 2020*

A health check will be conducted of all passengers prior to boarding a Calm Air flight.  This required health check will involve a visual observation for symptoms, passenger temperature will be taken by way of thermometer, along with answering a few simple questions to which passengers must answer truthfully. Boarding will be denied if you refuse to answer questions on the health check, do not have a removeable mask/face cover in your possession, or you refuse to comply with instructions given by Calm Air personnel.  *Providing false or misleading information could result in a maximum fine of $5,000. 

Questionnaires will be completed at check-in for all passengers and will contain the following questions/information:

1.      Do you have a fever and a cough?

Yes __   No __

(If yes, or if you refuse to answer, you will be denied boarding at this time.)

2.      Do you have a fever and breathing difficulty?

Yes __     No __

(If yes, or if you refuse to answer, you will be denied boarding at this time.)

3.      Do you have or suspect that you have COVID-19? 

Yes __     No __

(If yes, or if you refuse to answer, you will be denied boarding at this time.)

4.      Have you been refused boarding in the past 14 days due to a medical reason related to COVID-19?

Yes __     No __

(If yes, or if you refuse to answer, you will be denied boarding at this time.)  

5.      Have you traveled outside of Manitoba or Nunavut in the past 14 days?

*Yes __   No __

*If YES, where have you travelled from? ________________________________________________
(*Travel may be denied based on orders from the provincial/territorial/local public health authorities)


a.      Are you currently under mandatory quarantine, as a result of recent travel or by orders from the provincial, territorial or local public health authorities? 

*Yes __     No __              (*If YES, answer question ‘b.’ , if NO, go to question 7)

b.      Has a federal, provincial or territorial health authority given you explicit permission to continue your onward journey by air to reach your self-isolation location? 

Yes __     No __

(If no explicit permission given, you will be denied boarding at this time.)

7.      Do you possess a mask/face cover (to cover your mouth and nose), to be worn throughout the airport, during boarding and in-flight?

Yes __   No __

(If no, Calm Air personnel may provide a mask/face cover, otherwise travel will not be permitted.)

8.      Do you confirm that you may be subject to a measure that the provincial, territorial, or federal government has put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when you arrive at your destination?

Yes __   No __

(If no, or if you refuse to answer, you will be denied boarding at this time).

Denied Boarding Instructions:

If you are denied boarding based on your answers within this questionnaire and/or a temperature check, please do the following:

  • Go immediately to a place where you can self-isolate for 14-days, and use private transportation such as a personal vehicle. You will not be permitted to travel for a period of 14 days, or until a medical certificate is presented that confirms the symptoms you are exhibiting, are not related to the COVID-19 virus.
  • Contact a health care professional for instructions, which may include appropriate arrangements for medical assessment.
  • Practice physical distancing by staying 2 metres (2 arm lengths) away from others.
  • Practice frequent hygiene, including proper hand washing and coughing/sneezing into your elbow/tissue.  Wear a mask/face cover when available to protect others.
  • Get more information about provincial and territorial services at:
  • Make appropriate changes to your travel plans, by contacting Calm Air Reservations @ 1-800-839-2256 or emailing

Nunavut Travel - Screening Measures in Response to COVID-19

March 25, 2020

The Government of Nunavut (NU), requires all passengers traveling to NU to present airline check-in staff with written permission issued by the Nunavut Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO), advising their travel has been approved.  Individuals requiring this approval prior to their travel, may email the CPHO their request at or visit their website for more information.

The following are deemed to be exempted critical labour and do not need to produce any further proof: 

  1. Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police;
  2. Members of the Canadian Armed Forces on active duty;
  3. Members of the Correctional Service of Canada or the Nunavut Department of Justice Corrections Division on active duty;
  4. Employees or agents of the Nunavut Department of Health escorting patients detained under orders pursuant to the Mental Health Act of the Public Health Act.

*Please note that even with written approval from the CPHO, all passengers will be required to complete Calm Air's Pre-Screening Questionnaire upon check-in.

Temporary Changes to In-flight Services

March 31, 2020

In order to continue to ensure the safety of our passengers and flight crew, we will be temporarily discontinuing our in-flight beverage and snack services, including meals effective Thursday, April 2. We will continue to provide each passenger with bottled water. This change is to avoid any non essential personal contact and encourage social distancing on board our aircraft.