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Important Notice:
Please be advised that effective July 1st, 2011 Calm Air will discontinue offering agency commissions.

Agencies are advised to continue to log on to the system using their IATA number and password in order to maintain access to their files for modification purposes. If you have not previously registered your agency you will need to follow a registration procedure to provide the reservations system with your pertinent information. To register please complete the form on our registration page. Once registered you simply login using your IATA number and the default password sellcalm. Password may be changed once the registration is processed.

Note: It may take up to 48 hours to process the initial registration. You need only register once. Please contact us if your agency information changes.

Search and Print Reservations – Upon logging in to the system using your IATA number and the password you will be able to search the system for files booked by your agency. This allows you to view any or all bookings made by your agency over the past year and print a copy for your records or for your client.

Pre-filled Agency Information - Upon logging in, the system will pre-fill your agency name, address, and telephone information in the appropriate area, which means less repetitive data entry for you. We do ask that you continue to provide us with a passenger phone contact so that we can advise of any weather or other delays.

Edit Reservations - You can now make changes to the booking directly. Once retrieving a file from a search, you can edit passenger information, add flight segments, and edit flight legs with respect to flight, date and routing. Please note that changes are subject to normal booking rules fees, if applicable. At this time, you will need to contact Calm Air Reservations at 1.800.839.2256 for any passenger or flight cancellations.

Using Credits - Without having to contact us, you can use up a passenger's existing credit by retrieving the original reservation that holds the credit and add flight segment(s).

Open Jaw Booking Allowed - Simply book a one segment file, retrieve the file, and add the additional segments.

GST Exemptions - We have somewhat automated this process in that a screen is provided at the end of the booking process which you may complete when the client is exempted from paying GST. Completing this GST Exemption Form will generate a request which will prompt us to remove the GST from the file and resend you an email confirmation.

Should you require further information or assistance please contact our Reservations Department at 1.800.839.2256.