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To assist with on-time departures for you and fellow passengers on your flight, we recommend the following check-in and gate arrival times prior to scheduled departure time. While we will try to accommodate the arrival of delayed passengers, however, failure to meet these deadlines may result in the cancellation of your reservation. For the comfort and convenience of all other passengers, we are unable to delay departures for a late-arriving passenger.

NEW Check-In Times Effective April 5th, 2015
Check-In Time
90 minutes
60 minutes
Boarding Gate
30 minutes

Other check-in preparations:

  • According to Transport Canada regulations, passengers are required to show government issued picture identification or two pieces of government issued non-picture identification. One piece must include date of birth and gender. Passengers 18 and older without acceptable identification will not be allowed to travel. For more information visit the Transport Canada Passenger Protect web site
  • You may present a copy of your reservation to the check-in agent, however this is not a requirement.
  • We recommend checking in 60-90 minutes prior to departure, as passengers must be through security and at their departure gate 30 minutes prior to their flight time. - It is the passenger's responsibility to allow sufficient time for security processing at Winnipeg and Thompson airports, where line-ups can be lengthy during busy times
  • Although Calm Air will try to accommodate late-arriving passengers, those checking in less than 60 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time risk losing their reserved seat
  • Pre-boarding is offered for passengers traveling with small children, unaccompanied minors or for those requiring additional time or assistance while boarding. Passengers requiring pre-boarding should be available at the gate 30 minutes prior to departure
  • Ensure your carry-on and checked baggage does not exceed the allowable maximums by first checking out our Baggage Information.
  • If you have any special needs or are checking in an unaccompanied minor, please be sure to advise our Reservations Department at 1-800-839-2256 at least 24 hours prior to departure. Please identify these needs to the agent immediately upon check-in.
  • If checking in an unaccompanied minor, please allow extra time at check-in for the completion of required documents.
  • Please ensure you have identification on all of your baggage. It is recommended that identification be placed inside the baggage as well.