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Passengers, whose baggage is delayed, lost, or damaged; must immediately report it to the Customer Service Agent at the destination airport within one hour of arrival. The agent will assist the passenger with completing a delayed/damaged baggage report, and will advise the passenger of the status of their report. Overnight toiletry kits may be available for those passengers who are away from home and do not have such items included in their carry-on baggage. As excess baggage items are accepted to travel subject to availability of space and weight, Calm Air assumes no liability for a delay in the arrival of these items. If free-allowance baggage is not located within 24 hours of flight arrival and assistance is requested, Calm Air will reimburse the passenger $50.00 CAD per day to a maximum of $250.00 CAD for the purchase of required personal items upon submission of receipts.

Calm Air’s maximum liability for lost, delayed, or damaged baggage is $250.00 CAD per person, per incident. Please also note that Calm Air does not compensate for the following:

  • Zippers, scuffs, scratches, nicks, dents, missing straps, feet, clips, handles, wheels, or similar damage attributable to normal wear and tear.
  • Damage resulting from spillage of stored items in your baggage, or that of another passenger’s.
  • Damage resulting from manufacturing defects of the bag.
  • Damage resulting from a bag being over-packed or overweight.
  • Damage to other types of containers such as plastic bins, tubs, or similar articles not considered “luggage”.
  • Spoilage of any perishable item.

Calm Air assumes no liability for (but not limited to) fragile, valuable, or perishable items including:

  • Money, credit cards, jewelry, cameras, video and electronic equipment, cellular telephones, computers, chinaware,/ceramics/pottery, glass, silverware, negotiable papers, business documents, manuscripts, samples, prescription drugs, liquids, food and other perishables, musical instruments and equipment, sporting goods and trophies, paper (including photographs, negatives, historical documents, maps), antiques, paintings, furs, manuscripts, or similar items.